Savile Row Academy Summer Course: India

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Savile Row Academy
Pattern Cutting, Fitting & Remarking Certificate Course Summer Course Guide for Designers and Tailors
May 30 2016 to June 2016

The Savile Row Academy (SRA) is an elite training institution for bespoke tailors founded in 2007. It offers training in men’s bespoke tailoring to persons wanting to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to work in established tailoring and design houses anywhere in the world or to start their own businesses and fashion collections.
The traditional handcraft skills that underpin the excellence that epitomises Savile Row must be retained, developed and passed on to others. SRA was founded by Andrew Ramroop OBE, Master Tailor and Director of Maurice Sedwell Ultra-Bespoke Tailors who identified an acute need to provide the practical training required to cultivate the future generations of high-class hand-craft bespoke tailors for which Savile Row is famous.
Fashion designers who have completed design programmes will find this field of study immensely valuable to elevating their level of professionalism.

Students completing this course will have access to one month internship at Maurice Sedwell ltd. Ultra-Bespoke Tailors by arrangement  Three months online support  Paid opportunity to practice skills of Maurice Sedwell Ultra Bespoke garments

Savile Row
For over 200 years the bespoke tailoring establishments in Savile Row have been at the centre of the British menswear industry with an international reputation, thus exerting a major influence on men’s dressing.
Savile Row, affectionately referred to as The Row, is one of the few remaining areas that still maintains its craft heritage and iconic status as a sector of excellence. The Row remains central to the London and UK economies and continues to attract high spenders from around the world.
SRA’s training course prepares its graduates to enter one of London’s key craft industries in which there is a shortage of highly skilled craftsmen. This is a high value market and at the end of the training programme our graduates are ready to work in the tailoring sector.
SRA graduates have been very successful in obtaining gainful employment at established design and tailoring houses around the world, including on Savile Row. SRA graduates are well respected by the industry as this training boosts employment prospects significantly.

Pattern Drafting, Cloth Cutting, Fitting and Remarking
This module will be delivered over five days a week for five weeks: 18 July 2016. All paper to draft patterns is provided.

Fees: £5,000 (EU)

Course Content
Trainees will be expected to prepare at least two three-piece fittings.
Emphasis is accurate pattern drafting to direct measurements and theoretical studies using the eight-head theory.

Block pattern construction
Diagnosis and causes of faults and how to remedy
Pattern drafting to direct measurements
Pattern drafting to theoretical measurements
Pattern manipulation for various figurations
Diagnosis and remedy of fitting faults
Economical laying of patterns on cloth
Uses of inlays
Cutting & Fitting three piece suits for each student or their model
Constructing baste fittings Bespoke Master Patterns
Sales and customer relations role-play

Course Delivery
SRA’s training programme is delivered in customised training facilities on the premises of Maurice Sedwell Ltd. The instructors include Professor Ramroop OBE and other experienced bespoke tailors.
SRA will only admit a maximum of thirty trainees for each course to enable each trainee to receive a high degree of individual coaching from their instructor.
The course will be delivered Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. with a one hour lunch break from 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.
The timetable will be emailed to each enrolled trainee. Trainees who cannot attend a session are expected to send a written email to the course instructor copied to the Registrar.

Contact Information

The address and contact details for information are:

Mrs. Debbie Ramroop LLB, LEC
Registrar Consultant, Savile Row 19 Savile Row London W1S 3P
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7734 0824

Mrs Anupama Sachdeva
Consultant recruitment, Savile Row Academy, India
Tel: +91 98 18 168 860

Students who complete the course to the required standards will be awarded the Savile Row Academy certificate. Students must attend at least 90% of the classes to be entitled to receive a certificate. However, the Principal has the discretion to waive the strict application of this requirement in cases of genuine emergency or illness if the trainee has met the required standards for the module.

Entry Requirements
If you wish to be admitted to this course, please complete the application form and send by email Mrs Anupama Sachdeva and copy to The Registrar, Mrs. Debbie Sirjusingh-Ramroop at the Savile Row Academy.
Although it is not a prerequisite to have previous experience in tailoring, applicants will find it useful to acquaint themselves with sewing techniques. This is especially helpful for the fitting segment of the course.

How to Pay
Payment instructions are contained in the Course Offer form which you will receive after acceptance on the course. Students must also submit completed Course Offer forms on payment of the specified fee.
Due to the high demand for training, persons who have been interviewed and offered admission are required to pay the entire course fee at least six weeks before commencement of the course. The enrolment process and guarantee of a place is only completed when the fee is received.

Material & Equipment
Students are required to purchase their own working tools and sewing materials. A comprehensive list of items needed and recommendations as to where these can be purchased will be included in your Student Handbook.

Refunds & Cancellations
Although every effort will be made to ensure that the entire course is delivered as scheduled, SRA reserves the right to modify the course delivery.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from the course after it has started are not entitled to a refund.

All information is correct at time of press but may be subject to changes. The Savile Row Academy issues this information as a general guide to its policies and facilities and reserves the right to modify or alter, without prior notice, any of the contents herein or otherwise.

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