An amalgamation of sheer creativity and experience from the tailoring industry have come together to promote and preserve the art of tailoring in the country. For the first time in 45 years, tailors from all across the country collaborated for the foundation conference of the INDIAN MASTER TAILORS’ ASSOCIATION.

The founders of some of the finest bespoke tailoring and crafting services in the country have come together to help and unite the Indian Bespoke brands to work as a collective force, raising the industry standard as per the global standards and capturing the bespoke Indian Market through the formation of Indian Master Tailors Association (I.M.T.A).

IMTA objectives

1.Create a strong network of Bespoke TAILORS from India.
2.Become a national strategic body of the professional tailoring community advising at government & policy- level, acting as an independent professional body represented at the Asian Tailors’ Association and the World Congress.
3.Promote compliance of ethical practice code amongst the Bespoke Tailoring community in India.
4.Encourage Chapter level activity in promoting bespoke training and design related activities.
5.Promote India as a Bespoke Tailoring Destination.
6.Networking with national and international bodies related with the profession.
7.IMTA welcomes proposals for training and development in conjunction with other institutes.